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About Us

Hobbytech's history began in the mid-1990s when our love for R/C as amateur was a spark for later professional engagement with R/C.

This continuous experience of years has given birth to the idea that this experience should be expanded and transmitted to others.
So at the beginning of 2007 we started our natural shop based in Serres. Hobbytech entered the field dynamically, bringing brands to Greece in all categories of radio-controlled cars, airplanes, helicopters.

A year later, in the summer of 2008, the successful course of our company continues with the construction of the Hobbytech track, a specimen track for Greek data, with excellent facilities for facilitating drivers and visitors. At the same time, the first race on the track was very successful. The dynamic course continues until today, having organized national championships, local and northern Greece races, as well as our 1/8 buggy nitro off-road event, IDM.

In 2009 Hobbytech responds to the needs of the era and is part of the e-commerce and thus creates with shipments all over Greece and abroad covering all the needs of modelers with remote-controlled models, complete range of spare parts, accessories, consumables.

Our physical presence in almost all official and informal event-races for the direct support of the drivers proves the passion and love we show in this area and so we will continue to meet the needs of all those who need it.

In our new online store, which has been updated to make it easier for every user, you will find a wide range of R/C products, spare parts and accessories.

We are always at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Yours sincerely
Hobbytech Team